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Lawn Maintenance

In South Fulton, maintaining pristine lawns is not just a chore; it's a reflection of pride and professionalism. At Cutting The Green LLC, our comprehensive lawn maintenance services cater to the unique needs of lawn care for South Fulton's diverse landscapes, ensuring lush, healthy lawns year-round. We understand the importance of immaculate outdoor spaces in enhancing curb appeal and creating inviting environments for homes and businesses alike.

From regular mowing, trimming, and leaf removal to specialized treatments like fertilization and weed control, we go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations. With Cutting The Green LLCn, you can trust in our lawn maintenance expertise and dedication to transform your lawn into a verdant oasis that stands out in the vibrant community of South Fulton.

Ongoing Lawn Management

Ongoing lawn management is essential for maintaining a healthy, green lawn throughout the year. At Cutting The Green LLC, we offer comprehensive services to ensure your lawn remains in optimal condition season after season. Our team of experts employs proven techniques and premium products to address all aspects of lawn maintenance and care, from regular maintenance to specialized treatments. Key components of our ongoing lawn management approach include:

  • Regular mowing and edging to maintain an attractive lawn height and clean borders.
  • Fertilization provides essential nutrients for healthy growth and vibrant color.
  • Weed control to prevent invasive plants from overtaking the lawn.
  • Aeration to alleviate soil compaction and promote better air and water circulation.
  • Overseeding to fill in thin or bare patches and promote a thicker, lusher turf.

With our comprehensive ongoing lawn management services, you can trust Cutting The Green LLC to keep your lawn looking its best year-round.

Our standard lawn maintenance package includes weekly lawn mowing (weekly services April-October), an 8-step lawn treatment program, and 1 core aeration per year. Landscape maintenance such as spring cleanups, mulching, pruning, and fall cleanups/leaf removal is available before and after the growing season.

Overseeding and Aeration

Did you know even if you have a thick, beautiful lawn right now you may want to consider overseeding after your lawn aeration? The reason you should overseed after your aeration every couple of years is that grass plants do get old like everything else. By overseeding after your aeration you introduce new, fresh grass plants into your lawn so it can remain thick and green for years to come.

Aerating by itself is very beneficial as it de-compacts the soil allowing water, air, and nutrients to more easily travel deeper into the soil where they can be utilized by your lawn's root system. Aerating your lawn should be done every single year if you desire a thick and healthy lawn. We recommend overseeding every 3-5 years even if you don't think you need to. If your lawn has thin or bare spots, you should overseed with every aeration service until the turf thickens up.

Frequently Asked Asked Lawn Maintenance Questions

Yes, regular watering is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn, especially during hot and dry periods. Proper watering promotes deep root growth, improves drought resistance, and helps the grass recover from stress. Our team can provide guidance on watering techniques and schedules to ensure your lawn receives adequate moisture for optimal growth and vitality.

Signs that your lawn may need fertilization include slow growth, pale color, and thinning grass. However, it's best to consult with our experts at Cutting The Green LLC for a professional assessment. We can evaluate your lawn's condition and recommend a customized fertilization plan based on its specific needs.

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